My Story

I loved flowers from an early age

I had a wonderful childhood!

My days were spent outdoors playing and getting lots of fresh country air. I was fortunate to be surrounded by growing living things. My parents were farmers and instilled a strong work ethic in us, I the youngest along with my four older siblings. I was encouraged to be creative in all aspects of life. Farmers learn to be self-sufficient. We are the original DIY’ers. This comes from necessity but it also fills one with a sense of accomplishment and pride. I love to cook, sew and re-purpose just about and of course grow flowers!.

We helped with the large garden my parents had, planting, weeding, harvesting, preserving and the best part …eating our fresh picked fruits and vegetables. My mother always had a few flowers planted around our home too. I always loved plants and flowers and was eager to learn more. After high school, I enrolled in Stockbridge School of Agriculture at UMASS Amherst and graduated with a degree in Floriculture in 1981. I worked for a florist, at a dried flower stand, a wholesale florist and selling dried flowers I grew myself at a Farmers Market. The work was enjoyable, but the money was not there. I took a government job to pay the bills and save money to slowly build a nest egg.

I got married to my best friend. We built our own house and began raising two amazing kids together. Our new house was an empty canvas for me to fill with plants and flowers. So many possibilities! I started slow and just kept creating new gardening spaces. As life got stressful, I’d plant a garden or two. I survived many difficulties and personal struggles by planting yet another garden. They now number over a dozen with each uniquely beautiful. They are the best therapy. All my troubles melt away when my hands are in the soil planting or when I spy a new blossom on my daily rounds. I am filled with peace and hope eternal. Gardeners are optimists by nature. They have to be.

One of my MANY gardens

Several years ago, I decided to try selling a few of my blooms on the side of the road. The response was encouraging. My flowers sold and people asked for more! My thirst for knowledge was ignited again and in 2019 I became a Western Massachusetts Master Gardener, a 12 -week intensive college level course plus 60 hours of volunteer work. I hope to be able to get kids excited about nature and the world around them. This winter I completed a six-week online cut flower workshop hosted by Floret Flower Farm. The support and community I gained from both of these has been amazing!

I grow gorgeous local flowers fresh cut for you. These local blooms are more lovely, fragrant and long lasting than any flower imported from another continent #grownnotflown. They don’t have to travel halfway around the world before they reach you. They are literally cut fresh and then sold! This year 2020 has brought so many challenges . People need happiness and beauty in their lives now more than ever. The response to my flowers at this time has been overwhelming. People are wanting to surround themselves with beauty and something happy. Nothing brings me more joy than watching someone’s face light up after seeing a bouquet and inhaling its sweet fragrance. It’s so rewarding. I am content now that I’ve returned to my original calling.

My mission is this: To make the world more beautiful one flower at a time.

Norm and I at the Boston Flower Show

Hope to see you this season!


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