Flower Subscriptions

What is a Flower Subscription aka CSA Flower Share ? It is a marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest and prepay in advance. This is literally seed money to enable us to purchase stock for the upcoming season. We generally sell out quickly at our Flower Shed and at the market and

this guarantees a season of fresh cut flowers with Dry Brook Garden.

Flower Subscription Options 2023

2023 Subscriptions will be available for purchase on Dec 1 2022

Please click on the word ORDER FORM to complete online order.

Sample Form

Reserve early as quantities for all shares are limited

Pick Up Locations and Times:

*The Flower Shed at Dry Brook Garden 105 Old State Rd Erving Saturdays after 10:00am

*Flis Market ,5 W Main St, Erving Wednesdays after 10:00 am*

*The Sunderland Public Library parking lot on School St Sunderland Mondays 4:30-5:00 pm*

4 Week Pint Jar

Choose July OR August

4 weeks of pint arrangements


9 Week Pint Jar

  • Full season starting in July
  • 9 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $72

5 Week Quart Jar

  • Late season starting in August
  • 5 weeks of quart mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $65

9 Week – Pints and Quarts

  • Full Season starting in July
  • 9 weeks: *4 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements* and *5 weeks of quart jar arrangements*
  • $97


  • What is a Flower Subscription aka CSA Flower Share? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers that we produce each season. We will provide the season’s most beautiful flowers for you to pick-up at location of choice.
  • How do I order? Complete online order form and select the subscription you want and location of pickup. I will confirm availability and send you an email with payment links.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?   Check ( made to Dry Brook Garden) * Venmo *PayPal
  • How will I know when subscriptions start? July or August depending on option you chose. I will notify you by email or message you on social media whichever you prefer with exact date .
  • Can I have someone else pick up my subscription? Absolutely! Just notify me ahead of time so I know I am giving your share to the correct person.
  • Can I split a share with someone? Yes! What a great way to make flowers affordable and brighten more than one person’s day.
  • What happens if I go on vacation? You can someone else pick up for you OR you can extend your weeks IF YOU NOTIFY ME AT LEAST 1 WEEK AHEAD
  • Where are your flowers grown? All flowers are locally grown by Teresa Foster in both Erving and in Sunderland .
  • What type of flowers will be in my subscription? This will vary by each week and month depending on what flowers are in bloom. Variety is the spice of life! I guarantee you will be pleased with the selection.
  • What is included in the weekly subscription? Flowers are arranged into either pint or quart mason jars. Please take the jars with you this keeps your flowers hydrated. You may return the jars at any time.
  • Do you reuse the jars? Yes! Jars can be returned so I can sterilize and reuse. I also accept vase donations that can be used for larger custom orders. *REDUCE * REUSE *RECYCLE* Its a win win because this helps me cut costs so I and provide you with more flowers AND its good for the environment.
  • How do I care for my flowers? Keep out of direct sunlight and change water every couple of days. Pick out spent flowers as they go by. Most flowers last a week or more depending on what is in season. Some may last up to 2 weeks.
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