Flower Subscriptions


We are members of CISA and offer CSA Flower Shares

Who is CISA? It is a non-profit organization. Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture promotes local farmers and their products.

What is a CSA ? It is a marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. You prepay to guarantee a season of fresh cut flowers with Dry Brook Garden.

Flower Share Options:

We offer 5 to 12 week shares. The options are named for parts of my flower truck. These can be picked up weekly at the following locations:

  • Erving at our roadside stand at 105 Old State Rd on Saturdays: Limited quantities remain for Saturday : email for options
  • Great Falls Farmers Market in Turners Falls on Wednesday
  • Sunderland by appointment.

Reserve early as quantities for all shares are limited

Email: drybrookgarden@gmail.com to reserve your share . See FAQ at the end of options.

The Front End

Pint jar
  • Early Season starting in July
  • 5 Weeks of pint mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $23 ($25 value)

The Full Bed

  • Full season starting in July
  • 12 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $55 ($60 value)

The Tailgate

Quart jars
  • Late season starting in August
  • 7 weeks of quart mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $66 ($70 value)

The Full Truck

  • The Whole season. A combination of the Front End and the Tailgate
  • 12 weeks: *5 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements* and *7 weeks of quart jar arrangements*
  • Includes a preseason bonus bouquet and a late summer bonus bouquet.
  • $108 ($120 value)


  • What is a CSA Flower Share? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers that we produce each season. We will provide the season’s most beautiful flowers for you to pick-up at location of choice.
  • How do I order? Send me an email indicating which share you want and location of pickup. I will confirm availability and send you an order form with payment options.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?  I can take check, PayPal or Venmo
  • How will I know when shares start? I will notify you by email or message you on social media whichever you prefer when flowers will become available. The beginning of the season is variable and is at the whim of Mother Nature.
  • Can I have someone else pick up my share? Absolutely! Just notify me ahead of time so I know I am giving your share to the correct person.
  • Can I split a share with someone? Yes! What a great way to make flowers affordable and brighten more than one person’s day.
  • What happens if I go on vacation? You can someone else pick up for you OR you can extend your weeks if you notify me ahead of time.
  • Where are your flowers grown? All flowers are locally grown by Teresa Foster in both Erving and in Sunderland .
  • What type of flowers will be in my share? This will vary by each week and month depending on what flowers are in bloom. Variety is the spice of life! I guarantee you will be pleased with the selection.
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