Flower Subscriptions


We are members of CISA and offer CSA Flower Shares

Who is CISA? It is a non-profit organization. Community Involved in Sustaining Agriculture promotes local farmers and their products.

What is a CSA ? It is a marketing model whereby consumers buy shares of a farm’s harvest in advance. You prepay to guarantee a season of fresh cut flowers with Dry Brook Garden.

Flower Share Options:

We offer 5 to 12 week shares. The options are named for parts of my flower truck. These can be picked up weekly at the following locations:

  • Erving at our Flower Shed at 105 Old State Rd on Saturdays: SOLD OUT
  • Great Falls Farmers Market in Turners Falls or Erving at our Flower Shed on Wednesday SOLD OUT
  • Sunderland – Monday pick up at the Sunderland Library SOLD OUT

Reserve early as quantities for all shares are limited

Email: drybrookgarden@gmail.com to reserve your share . See FAQ at the end of options.

The Front End

Pint jar
  • Early Season starting in July
  • 5 Weeks of pint mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $23 ($25 value)

The Full Bed

  • Full season starting in July
  • 12 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $55 ($60 value)

The Tailgate

Quart jars
  • Late season starting in August
  • 7 weeks of quart mason jar arrangements of seasonal flowers
  • $66 ($70 value)

The Full Truck

  • The Whole season. A combination of the Front End and the Tailgate
  • 12 weeks: *5 weeks of pint mason jar arrangements* and *7 weeks of quart jar arrangements*
  • Includes a preseason bonus bouquet and a late summer bonus bouquet.
  • $108 ($120 value)


  • What is a CSA Flower Share? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers that we produce each season. We will provide the season’s most beautiful flowers for you to pick-up at location of choice.
  • How do I order? Send me an email indicating which share you want and location of pickup. I will confirm availability and send you an order form with payment options.
  • What forms of payment do you accept?  I can take check, PayPal or Venmo
  • How will I know when shares start? I will notify you by email or message you on social media whichever you prefer when flowers will become available-generally the beginning of July. The beginning of the season is variable and is at the whim of Mother Nature.
  • Can I have someone else pick up my share? Absolutely! Just notify me ahead of time so I know I am giving your share to the correct person.
  • Can I split a share with someone? Yes! What a great way to make flowers affordable and brighten more than one person’s day.
  • What happens if I go on vacation? You can someone else pick up for you OR you can extend your weeks if you notify me ahead of time.
  • Where are your flowers grown? All flowers are locally grown by Teresa Foster in both Erving and in Sunderland .
  • What type of flowers will be in my share? This will vary by each week and month depending on what flowers are in bloom. Variety is the spice of life! I guarantee you will be pleased with the selection.
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